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Meet the Staff


Teeka Isakson

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My name is Teeka Isakson. I have been a hair stylist for 24 years and founded Teeka Lynne's Salon and Day Spa 15 years ago. My favorite part about being a stylist is being able to be creative and making sure that my clients are taken care of and happy with their end result. Some of my specialties include doing corrective color and foil placement. My favorite product to use is the Oligo Curl Balm because it gives soft, manageable enhancement to natural curls.


Shannon McCarthy

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My name is Shannon McCarthy, I have been with Teeka since day one - 15 years! I love making people feel confident and bonding with my clients. My specialties are cuts, color, and up-do's. One of my favorite things to do are Wedding Parties. There is nothing better than making a group of ladies feel amazing on that special day. My favorite product to work with is Oligo Blowout Mist, it is great on any type of hair. I am so grateful for my clients, I don't know where I would be without them!


Amy Allison

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My name is Amy Allison. I have been a hair stylist for 20 years and have been a Teeka Lynne's Salon and Day for 13 years. The best part about being a hair stylist are the amazing clients and being able to create what a client wants their hair to look like. My favorite product to use is the blue shampoo because blondes look just as good as when they first get their hair done. My specialties include foiling and lightening.


Laurie Feroli

My name is Laurie Feroli. I have had my cosmetology license since 1998. I have been at Teeka Lynne's Salon and Day Spa for almost 2 years as what Teeka calls the Salon Manager. My favorite part of working at Teeka Lynne's is is my fellow coworkers and interacting with all the clients that come in to get their services done. 

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